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Ceramic Tile & Grout Scrub

We applicate entire floor with commercial detergent and water in a sprinkling can. Then we tackle cleaning the Vinyl Tile by leaving the open area to our electric scrubber and edges with our doodlebugs. We will then vacuum all the dirty water off the floor and rinse the floor properly by getting the remainder of dirt, debris and chemical off the floor. We will then buff the floor with a propane burnisher, bringing back that marvelous shine. After we have buffed we will tack the floor with damp rag or mop getting all hair, dust, and debris getting the floor ready for one signature coat of finish.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Family Floor Care & Janitorial have the best Carpet Cleaning Specialist around if we cant get the stain up no-one can! We start off by vacuuming your floor and sweeping all edges getting all debris and dust off the floor that's possible. Then we'll lightly mist the projected area with a carpet detergent, then go over the area multiple times to rinse and clean the carpet the best possible way. We want to make sure most water and all detergent is gone. We wont leave until your carpet is almost completely dry.

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We applicate the entire floor with a commercial grade degreaser or an acid based product with sprinkling can. After the cleaner is laid, we will then scrub entire floor with electric scrubber and brush pad and your grout lines with a grout line brush. When the grout lines are finished we will then replace brush pad with a cleaning pad to clean the surface of the Ceramic Tile. After the entire has been scrubbed and cleaned we will then vacuum up all dirty water on the floor and rinse it free of dirt,debris and chemical.

We applicate the entire floor with 3M Speed Stripper. After the stripper has sat for a few minutes and has penetrated the old finish on the floor, we will then scrub floor with automatic scrubber and edge floor with scrapers and doodlebugs getting rid of all remaining finish on the floor. Once the floor is completely scrubbed and all old wax is off the floor we will then WetVac the floor and completely rinse the entire floor, getting remaining chemicals and dirt off floor. We will then tack the floor with a damp cloth or mop getting final remaining dust,hair,etc. After the floor is tacked we will lay three signature coats of wax.

Here at Family Floor Care & Janitorial we like to keep your business looking and feeling clean on a day to day basis. We dust ceilings, ledges, computers, picture frames, a systematic system. Our goal is to be 100% dust free at ALL times. We wipe desk, sinks, counter-tops and toilets with disinfectant daily keeping them clean and germ free. We also make sure sinks, faucets and toilets are lime and rust free daily so they look as new as possible at all times. We will then Swiffer floors getting rid of all dust, loose dirt and hair and mop floors making your company look spectacular on an everyday basis. With our Janitorial Services we take care of your floor maintenance needs and upkeep when needed.

VCT Tile Strip

Residential Services:

Pressure washing not only leaves your home looking beautiful, it helps your roofing and paint last longer. We can expertly power wash your home, including driveways, sidewalks, patios, houses, pool decks, garage floors, RV pads, brick and concrete walls, graffiti removal, RV’s, and boats. We work closely with Property Management and Home Owners Associations to fit their requirements.

Commercial Services:
The exterior of your business is often the first part potential customers see. We can clean the exterior of your building as well as the surrounding sidewalks to give your customers the best impression possible. We offer power washing services for store fronts, drive thru’s, office buildings, graffiti removal, parking garages, gas stations, apartments, condominium communities, hotels, motels, restaurants (patios), awnings, and dumpster pads.

Janitorial Services